• Temporary Suspension of VIP Birthday Vouchers
    Temporary Suspension of VIP Birthday Vouchers
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    Emperor Cinemas Offer Validity Update
    Extension of Movie Voucher’s Validity Period & Temporary Suspension of Emperor Cinemas Complimentary/Birthday Voucher & Token Redemption
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  • SOPs & Guidelines
    #EmperorCinemasMY Cares for ALL! We are AS EXCITED AS YOU ARE to be back again! However, do not forget to go through our SOPs & Safety Guidelines for a safer and delightful movie experience at Emperor Cinemas.
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    Study Hard; Play Harder Offer
    Student Offer (Valid student IDs): RM9 Movie Ticket Popcorn Combo: RM6 (Original RM13)
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Cinema Lobby
Gourmet Fare and Cocktail Creations
The Ingredients to Great Movies
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Get the best, be the best
Ultra-Service Experience
An Unrivaled Ambience for Moviegoers
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Indulge Every Minute of Movie Magic
Celebrate in Style with A Themed Party
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From E-Tickets To E-Admission An App to Browse, Buy and Admit
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  • R&F Mall
  • R&F Mall

    With the success of Emperor Cinemas in Hong Kong and Mainland China, Emperor Cinemas is proud to establish our presence in Malaysia.
  • Emperor Cinemas First Luxe Outlet In Southeast Asia!

    The first Emperor Cinemas in Malaysia will be opened at R&F Mall Johor Bahru, located strategically near the Malaysia-Singapore CIQ, it is equipped with a fully sheltered and guarded link to the CIQ.
  • Redefines Cinematic Experience

    Tailor-made for movie connoisseurs who appreciate only the highest quality, the cineplex has 8 luxuriously-appointed cinema halls.
  • Luxury Cinematic Offerings

    Featuring unparalleled service, luxurious design, and food that satiates your appetite.
  • State-of-the-art Technology

    There are 2 Dolby Atmos halls and 6 Dolby 7.1 halls with a combined seating capacity of 745 seats. All seats come with flexible armrests, allowing audiences to adjust according to their needs.
  • State-of-the-art Technology

    The SONY 4K Laser projector system, the first of its kind in Malaysia, brings advanced image quality to the screen with outstanding brightness, high contrast, and superior colour performance.
  • 10% Discount on Concession
  • Birthday Free Movie Tickets
  • Loyalty Reward
  • Welcome Offers
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